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水曜日, 6月 04, 2008

Hello All:

Please Take Note:

Miya's blog has moved to a new address. http://reiisekai.blogspot.com Fellow friends, please update the link.

Thank you.


5:39 午後

hello n greetings gurls & guys~

realli happy that some of you supported my bloggie till now.. even though it is dead for a few months.. but i'm realli grateful for a few pals like u guys --> especially wanqiu, who came visited here often, to check out whether i updated it or not..

well, i'm realli sure u all are excited --> becos i've changed a new skin (depite no new contents) but i will complete it soon, since i'm realli(x100 times) busy.. so i will change and add new stuff to my blog everyday when i'm free..

hmm.. i might also change a new website address for my bloggie -- still thinking for de name though.. ^^

10:08 午前

月曜日, 2月 04, 2008

i am so tired, i've been spending my last weekend tidying up my room.. keke i divided the processes into phases - abit too engrossed with engineering~ and tonight i'll be continuing phase 3 of tidying up my room --> phase 2 took mi the whole day yesterday as i rummaged my cupboard for all the old clothes..

Despite that i will have my off day starting this coming wednesday, i'm unhappy since i need to prepare for the claims after i return from cny~ stressed...

3:45 午後

金曜日, 2月 01, 2008

Went to watch The House yesterday with my friend, what a horror show! I wasnt being frightened by the ghost, cos i was covering my face with my adidas bag most of the time. But got one part i was shocked by a sudden hand coming towards the victim.. (-__-)

Anyway i felt kinda gross cos i was having hotdog for my dinner in the cinema since my work ended quite late, but abit what the hell as i was eating chilli dog, then there was this part where a woman was being cut up in the stomach... eeeks

Well, another long day @ work for mi again today, haiz... =[ another gloomy day~

2:30 午後

水曜日, 1月 30, 2008

Managed to get the chance to visit Marina's site with my fellow engineer colleague.
Went to Dragonfly again last saturday, with huiwen & guys.. realli enjoyed myself with wen, but i didnt realli felt like going since dearie & i quarrelled before i went. Despite, i had a great night! =] Saw many "last-time" friends, whom i lost contact with, and a handsome guy! xD --> my ex-boyfriend's younger brother ~ still as charming as ever...


Stayed overnight @ huiwen's house after Dragonfly--> planning 2 go shopping @ kovan mall cos she said got a shop selling jappy dollie clothes, but very expensive though.. Went to eat SAKAE sushi, keke the two of us almost ordered the whole menu!! o_O -> hotatementaiyaki, salmon sashimi, fried maki, lobster salad, ebiko sushi 3 plates, seasoned octopus sushi 5 plates, chawanmushi, variety of yakitori (grilled sticks), cha soba, edamame.. keke, guess u guys wont believe we eat so much cos we look so skinny~~ xD! Anyway, i didnt buy anything from the shop cos didnt realli see what i liked, bought 3 pairs of colored contacts (grey, brown & purple) @ onli 28bucks each. ^^ I also bought a hydrating mask gel from The Body Shop. After that, i got a very huge surprise when i answered an unknown number call --> he is back from japan!! He came to my house 2 find mi, then we went 2 dinner after that. Didnt retire too late then, since i gotta take my basic theory test tomorrow.


Went to take my Basic Theory Test then, i was very afraid that i would fail - since the 2 people sitting beside me during the test are all bangala -_-" want copy oso better dont, cos i realli do feel that they dont understand english. Anyway, realli very happy cos when i pressed enter to end the test -- PASSED!! ^^ Heng sia, cos the word realli big, lucky no fail - cos the 2 bangalas beside me failed, den the red "fail" word so big i oso can see..

Went to drink after work with my maple didi & his colleagues @ tanjong pagar area inside the dunno what hotel there. LOl. Saw alot of uncles & aunties dance social dance (since its a private club). I now currently wondering should i go learn social dancing since it might come in handy when i grow old in the future. Haha.. After we disbanded, didi followed mi to PUB62 to find dearie.. Realli very happy to see dearie since it had been quite some time ever since we last met. But anyway, dearie told mi something in cab which made me felt very touched. So sweet of him, but then, he was so tired that he fell asleep in the cab - eventualli i sent him back sekang instead -_-". So i stayed there overnight.

Waliew, the cab fare from sekang to bukit batok cost me $32 dollars!! Zzzz...stupid AMK area, there always jammed. Can u guys imagine sitting in a taxi for 55minutes!? Abit^%$# lor, i was so pissed off cos i gotta go back change clothes before i can go to work despite i bathed @ dearie's house. Waa.. i think sooner or later i must put some clothes over there le LOL! Woke up @ 6am still late for work due to the stupid congestion @ amk. I realli agree amk area should put more ERP. Haha~ Luckily for mi, today i got not so much work, so i left workplace earlier - i left @ 0535hrs, which is the earliest time since my first day of work! Went to cut my hair @ Jurong Point, & went down to Marina Square to eat Suki Yaki with my maple friends. Realli happy to gather around with them since i barely got the chance to end work so early. Got to know that staff purchase for Baleno,I.P.Zone, AstroBoy got 50% discount, since my friend working there~~ keke, eventualli bought a jacket & 2 astro-girl t-shirts~~ woots! The very first time i go shopping spend 30 dollars can buy 3 items!! Shoik...

Now i lazying @ my work desk, i'm realli very tired & sleepy today, i hope that i can end early and go home sleep. T_T Well, i gotta go back & highlight my blueprints le (>_<)"<-- My Unwanted Face LOL!

11:06 午前

木曜日, 1月 24, 2008

i love you dearie, in fact i'm starting to miss u now~ especially before i go 2 bed.. wishing that u r beside mi so u will hug hug mi sleep...

realli touched that u still smsed mi & chatted despite u r also tired wif work jz like mi, Muacks!

11:39 午後

Juz reinstalled my com de other day, never knew that nokia has become 2 be so high-tech..LOL, didnt noe that i can sms to my friends using the keyboard with my fone attached until i installed de application.. keke

Took a pic of myself in my room, keke with my ZARA vest..hope everyday i can dress so executive to work sia, bt erhem, perhaps if everyday lidat sure cfm spend alot of time dolling n getting late for work, xD!

11:21 午後

Haiz, finally finished half of my work...can't imagine mi so hardworking right? Ever since i started working, i never log in maple till now, or should i say i never play maple till now.. haha Now i dunno whether 2molo morning i am able to wake up on time n go work in time...

Recently realli super busy, now my PM asked mi to handle 2 projects, sigh... i am realli scared that if i cannot cope with it, i will tio sacked (-_-)""" Actualli felt kinda pissed off, cos from day 1 nobody taught mi what to do neither do they guide me. Now i felt many things i did double jobs..Sometimes i realli feel the pay not enuff 2 cover for my work sia..

Well, i realli missed dear, so long never see him ... dear busy with his business & i busy with my work.. i realli hope this will let mi take a step further into my career hopefully -> not young anymore, realli wanna make something outta my life.

This few weeks i've gone gaga over horoscopes, n keke jz nw read an article which realli make mi felt more happy with dear dear~ since i am librian & he's an aries..



Haha, i realli hope that this would be true.. ^^ (night-dreaming LOL!!)

1:10 午前

土曜日, 1月 19, 2008

Today is the last day of 3rd week of my current job, i realli dunno whether i can actualli last till when...Now i'm abit accustomed to the job, but still, very tired & gloomy. Anyway, all i can do is to count down to the end of the month so that pay day faster come and i can get my salary!! keke (^_^)

Yesterday last minute went out drinking,and tonight going dragonfly, dunno i seriously got the strength to go, despite actualli i am very interested to go, but this morning dirreoa waliew 3 times.. once @ home, 2nd time @ mrt station toilet, and the 3rd @ site toilet..

Luckily my site toilet is specially built up and its clean!! Arbo i think i rather poop in my pants..haha just joking! Well anyway, today i finished most of my jobs early, so i hope i can go back earlier 2day =] Hope all turns out well, yippey~

3:07 午後

金曜日, 1月 18, 2008

Recently everyday @ work, i've been listening to yes933, keke, i realised it have been a very long time ever since i last listened to the radio~ well, actualli i feel music realli brighten up my working hours, after 2 weeks of week, i'm now feeling much better and more ready to cope with the coming stress. Every morning, there's a report on the various horoscopes & their personalities, i realli feel it is interesting, so i decide 2 post some of them~~













NO.1 金牛座


NO.2 白羊座
如果你想含蓄地对白羊男暗送秋波的话,白羊座男生多半像是又瞎又聋的残疾人,不是看不见,就是看见了也不明白,不是听不见,就是听见了也不理解,让 旁人看了都急跳脚,更气人的是,如果旁人明白的指点,爱面子的白羊男会为了掩饰自己在爱情方面的无知,用发怒来将整个场面推向僵硬的局面,弄的大家都十分 尴尬。


NO.3 射手座
粗线条的射手男常常分不清楚各种错综复杂的爱情信号,他们分不出女孩子传来的是友情的关心,还是爱情的呵护?加上他们一向缺乏想象力,你若暗示他, 今天的月亮很圆,他极有可能会扯出天文之类枯燥无味的东西来扫你的兴,面对这些错综复杂的爱情信号,他们通常索性放弃思考,秉承“难得糊涂”的精神,


NO.4 巨蟹座


NO.5 摩羯座


4:29 午後

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